Do You Want to Get Involved in Taking Our Mission Forward?

We continuously seek for partners in furthering our mission.

What you are about to do can change a girl’s life forever.

We are a not for profit organization supported by big-hearted individuals who provide donations for causes. We accept gifts at every level and consider them as an endorsement of the work of the foundation. Our partners and donors who fund our mission and be a beneficial resource to our community are fundamental to us.
At Kudakwamwari Foundation, the dedication and passion of our volunteers are remarkable. We believe that the future of our girls should be bright and our future women leaders will make their mark.

Today, you can help them make that mark by donating.

For us, every donation makes a massive difference. Become a partner in making lives better. Your donation is a potent tool for change. It has the power to make dreams turn into reality. You can make life-changing impacts on the everyday life of people.
With your kind gift of money and donation, we can reach our goal of educating underprivileged girls and sustaining a flourishing environment for the girls. Your donation goes where it’s needed the most. We connect what you give with needs, resulting in meaningful transformations–all for a better and stronger community!

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