About Us

We are a registered 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization established in 2019. At Kudakwamwari Foundation, we utilize a unique approach and focus on the development of every aspect of a girl’s life in Zimbabwe. We not only provide the basic amenities for the girls to flourish but go a step further by establishing an environment where the girls can flourish and achieve success in their lives.

At Kudakwamwari Foundation, we understand that the environment a child grows up in is critical to their development and success in life. When children experience traumatic events–be it sexual abuse, domestic violence, or the stress of losing a single or both parents–their surrounding needs to be changed. Frequently, the abuser is in the same environment as the child, which makes it unsafe and menacing to the child’s continued development.

We, at Kudakwamwari Foundation, have house mothers and resident social workers who work closely with girls in helping them deal with their emotions and loss, adjusting to a new environment where they are free to dream and reach their full potential, and regularly attend school without any limitations of clothing, food, and shelter.

We are committed to the development of every aspect of a girl’s life by focusing on the educational, social, and psychological aspects that young underprivileged and orphaned girls confront. To achieve our goals, we strive to create environments where they can flourish, acquire education, deal with psychological issues they may have faced, develop social skills, and prepare them for the world.

Our theme and goals encompass the ideals of compassion, humanity, and service to others. Our spirit of the Kudakwamwari Foundation is incorporated throughout the foundation and is central to how individuals think, speak, and interact with others.