Together, We Can Make A Difference

We focus on the educational, social, and psychological aspects that young underprivileged and orphaned girls confront.


Empowering Young Girls

Introducing an environment where girls are free to dream and reach their full potential.


Developing Every Aspect of a Girl’s Life

Through our unconditional support, we help girls flourish and achieve success in their lives.


We value effective teamwork and aim to attain the highest standards in all that we do.

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We strive for combined action and cooperation justified by our mission with other like-minded individuals.

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We combine assertiveness and compassion by a sense of responsibility to others, which is central to the way we think and act.

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About Us

At Kudakwamwari Foundation, we utilize a unique approach and focus on the development of every aspect of an underprivileged adolescent girl’s life in Zimbabwe. We not only provide the basic amenities for the girls to flourish but go a step further by establishing an environment where the girls can flourish and achieve success in their lives.


We aim to provide a nurturing environment for girls and value their rights. Our objective is to provide girls with adequate resources and basic amenities they require to flourish.
We, at Kudakwamwari Foundation, hope that we lead a positive and enduring transformation of girls, their communities, and the country through support and service.

What We Offer

We offer a safe haven were girls can dream and get an opportunity to realise their dreams in an environment were their needs are taken care of.

Childrens Rights

Every child has the right to education, food, and shelter, and we ensure that every girl in our foundation receives that.

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Educate Girls

We believe that when girls rise, we all rise, and when we educate a girl, we empower an entire village. Education advances the girls skills, rights, and offers them opportunities to become leaders.

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Eradicate Childhood Marriages

When children get access to education, food, and shelter, they are in an environment where they can flourish and helps in the eradication of early childhood marriages.

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